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I find that I use both sides of the brain while developing websites. The blending of technology and art appeals to me greatly. When I'm working on a project, you'll find me in my element: music blaring, caffeine at my side, my favorite hoodie pulled over my head like a Sith Lord doing battle; that's me in a nutshell. Coding is war for critical thinkers like myself– it's because I'm tasked with solving the impossible, often at a moment's notice.

My software skillset is extensive. From industry standards such as the Adobe Creative Suite, to cutting edge wireframing
tools, you'll find very little that I haven't touched on. As far as the web itself goes, I'm proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP, and MYSQL in a Linux environment. It hasn't let me down in over ten years, and I'm very much a fan of open source
technology– that's the cyberpunk in me showing of course, but I can work within any environment where I can use my army of Macs and PCs (see turteneck-wearing Mac users, you *can* use a PC and still be cool!). Then again, I go back
as far as the Power Computing days with Mac, back when that was cutting edge hardware.

Some of the other keywords you'll find me buzzing about: UI Design, Jeffrey Zeldman, Ethan Marcotte, Web 4.0, mobile first design (which I got a real taste of building this site!). Now, I'm steely faced, screaming into the wind doing cutting edge development with cutting edge tools. I'm currently learning Drupal and Expression Engine simply to see how DC Comics built the original mega-site (I swear, if I ever got into application development...) And if you've read between the lines, congrats, you guessed it– I'm a nerd and proud of it.

These are some of my development projects.